BuildSpace eProject Version 2.2

05 Oct 2019

The update includes;

-          Copy function at technical evaluation template

-          Download folder function at tender documents to allow all files at one time in one folder

-          Finance Module to allow set user permission to access to specific projects

-          Allow awarded contractor to see their approved claim cert & printout

-          Allow to import from excel into RFV’s Cost Estimate

-          License Key to cater for subscription period

-          Cater for different time zone based on country

-          Project Summary & form of tender to include tax function

i)        Check the “amount” description not Ringgit for other currency

ii)      If user “Tick” allow Contractor to propose own completion period, it will auto check the tender alternative

-                       Add Vietnam language option

-          Tender opening form to include option to print with PTE & Export to Excel

-          First time setting “Contract & Contingency Sum” will auto get contract sum from post contract BQ

-          Rename Tender Alternative to Base Tender

-          Improve on printing BQ

i)        Include printing progress check bar to detect can’t print item

ii)       Auto truncate long item description

                         iii)       When lock addendum, it would not be able to unlock again

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