BuildSpace Pro Version 2.1

18 Jul 2016

The BuildSpace Pro latest version 2.1 is going to release on next week;


1. Include estimate's rates log to track the changes of estimate prices during addendum. 
2. Option to print tenderer report based on logs (original tender & addendum prices).
3. Allow printing VO items without rates.
4. Print tenderer report with unit.
5. Add print single unit option when print tenderer report for multiple units bill.
6. Remove variation of prices menu.
7. Change the method of "Assign Users to Project".
8. Include project management module with new gantt chart.
9. Update php programming language to version 7 with better performance in terms of speed.
Bug Fixes
1. Fix printing port contract report bug for preliminary bill type.
2. Fix minor bug on project analyzer elements sorting orders.
3. Fix minor bug on printing project resources report. 
4. Printing claim summary with total claim for variation Orders.
5. Fix bug when import from Excel file in BQ Library module.
6. Fix minor bug on value generate when key in claim %, Qty & Amount.

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